Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 260 - Forgot again, damn.

Forgot again, it is the beginning of the week. I'll get back on it tomorrow, I'm sure I will haha

Got another long ass sleep and just managed to catch up, finally. So today was much better, even though it probably wouldn't stop me from asleep at work.

I honestly bore myself just talkingn about it, so I best stop, even though I have nothing else to talk about haha.

Got Terri coming round after she finishes work and we're making bangers and mash which we haven't had in ages, so I'm a little excited for that haha. I have been on pasta for most of the weekend what with me being a student an all. That's one thing I do want to try and do though is cook some more crazy food, but the problem with that is finding crazy food that Terri will eat haha.

With Terri coming round we usually put a film on, and tonight we're going for the remake of Total Recall. I've not seen the orginial to be fair, but after Colin Farrells performance in Saving Mr Banks I can only hope for the best, I've heard a few good comments about it. Guess I'll give my opinion tomorrow, hopefully at the end of work when I remember to blog this time haha.

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