Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 257/258 - Weekend post

Didn't really get time to post yesterday, me and Johnny sorted the house out and we ended up going out. Man I'm hungover and wasn't expecting it at all.

We had a load of left over stuff left over from the last people that had the house, so we decided to make some room and strt shifting it. The main thing was a big old tv, which is useless. But we didn't fancy breaking it because we'll probably end up getting charged for it.

After all the work was out the way we had a chill out for an hour or two and played some guitar. Started writing a few songs and started to think of some names to ca ourselves when we're out and about. We have an idea for an album cover which is pretty sick in my opinion but we have to wait until we're in Europe to do that. Don't want to give it away yet either, so we'll see if it happens.

We met up with some old housemates of ours from second year, we'd not seen them for at least a year so it was great to catch up, it was honestly like we never left, I think this year is going to be fun. We had a few drinks in a bar we use to always go to in first year, which then lead to another bar. Revs...terrible...terrible place. If you like your bars with overpriced drinks and scumbags that think they're classy then go for it, but it's not my place. But after that we went on a little adventure and found a bar that sold vodka and mixer for a quid, so we went crazy in there for a while, and headed back home. I didn't think I was that drunk until we got in, because it was 7am and I woke up at 10, still pretty drunk haha.

So yeah, been in bed pretty much all day playing games and watching shit. Gonna get in the bath and watch the Cannonball Run, I don't know why, I've just heard good things and fancy a comedy to watch.

Back to work tomorrow, three weeks to go.

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