Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 241 - Now I'm getting bored

I think because it's coming to my last few days of my placement I am finally getting bored and want to get back to being a student even more.

Thought I'd go into work for my normal time this morning so I stayed in bed a little longer, only about 10 minutes longer though. Jonny is around so I had someone to work do to work with because he had to go to town. We got talking about all the old games we use to play, and one name that came up was Runescape. (I know Terri's face has just screwed up reading this, and it'll get so much worse, so I'd just skip this part entirely, and if you don't like Runescape). But yeah, we both use to play it a lot as a kid and forgot how good it was, having this little community of players with its own economy and stuff, I know it's all swords and armor but I had so much fun play it as a kid, I am almost tempted when I get home to log into my old account and have a mess around on it and see what has changed. Probably the worst call, I might end up getting hooked again and then I'll fail my final year haha, nah I'd never let that happen, but I am surprised I managed to get through school with the amount I use to play, I use to look forward to weekends and holidays because I know I could play Runescape so much, I was a sad kid, but everyone use to play it. 

I think I've mentioned this about four times, but my mum and sister came up yesterday and dropped off the rest of my stuff for the house, it is finally looking a little more like a home now, with the VIP Event flag, and the Seal - Kiss From A Rose cross stitch Terri made for us. My mum did the amazing thing and bought some fish and chips with her, which were amazing for a Huddersfield chippy, I even saved some and bought it for my lunch today and had a fish and chip butty, best idea ever! She did the classic mum thing and bought me loads of other food and even my sister bought me two pizzas, which was jolly nice of her.

I just managed to pack all my stuff in my room and then Jonny turned up. It was nice to have someone in the house again, I don't get lonely as such but it's just nice to be able to sit in the living room with some music on with someone else. Plus we went to a classic takeaway which we use to use a lot back in second year, Kashmir Spice which was opposite the house we use to live at. We wanted to go for Burger Time but for some reason it was closed. Kashmir has definialty gone downhill since we last use to go, hopefully Burger Time is still the quality food we use to get from it.

Well I am technically on my own again tonight because Jonny is at band practice with his band, so I think I'll crack a pizza in and watch some classic shitty tv. It is Friday tomorrow, and I think Jonny mentioned that he wouldn't mind going to Parish. Good old Parish, I have missed it!

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