Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 259 - Tired Monday

Even though I had a ton of sleep I still felt tired this morning.

Got an insane amount of sleep last night but because I'm so behind on sleep I was still tired and almost fell asleep at work which never happens. So tonight I'm actually getting into bed really early and making sure I get caught up. 

Started watching the Cannonball run and was really enjoying it but ended up falling asleep. Going to try finish it off tonight but I don't see it happening. I'm flagging now just writing this. Still managed to get an hour of practising some guitar though, trying to get at least an hour in a day so I can be fully practiced before we set off for a tour next year. It is like learning a new instrument, I thought a lot of things would cross over from electric but they really don't. Even so, I'm still having a lot of fun learning something new. Decided my next instrument will be piano, after listening to Tubular Bells I really want a large list of instruments I can play to a high standard. It'll be tough and expensive but it'll be worth it for sure.

Did a classic move and forgot to blog at work didn't I? So it's another classic phone post for Monday. I am coming to the end of this year though, can't actually believe I have managed it, there have been times that I've felt like it's a bit pointless and thought of stopping it, but I said I was going to do it for a year and here I am 200 odd days in, so I'll finish this. I definitely started it at the wrong time though, because all I do really is moan about work and how hungover I am on the weekends. I should of started in final year, even though nobody read these I feel I would have much more exciting things to talk about. Anyway, I'll have two months of final year posts before I finish up filled up me moaning about uni and how hungover I am all the time...

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