Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 242 - Parish!

It may have been a very boring work day, but it's Friday and Parish is on the cards, I have no idea where it ends though.

Me and Jonny made it a bit of a late one last night, we ended up listening to some albums, playing some games and then we had a jam for a few hours. I've missed being able to jam whenever we want, and as soon as we get our acoustics it'll be miles better. We did start writing a little song for when we play some shows just me and him, and I'm sure more and more songs will start to appear as the year goes on. This one is kind of simple, but it is more of an intro track for a gig, so it's pretty simple but it is something to get everyone pumped. As we learn more and more, and start to gel again I think the more technical stuff will start to crop up. You don't want to instantly blow it all at a gig within the first five minutes, you always want a mix of styles and talent, in my opinion anyway.

So after a bit of a late one, I got up kind of late and slowly made my way to work this morning. It felt weird being tired again on my way to work, I've been so much to being refreshed these past few days, it is like old times when I was getting a late train and turning up to work late, but I best get use to it because this final year is going to be hard, both work wise and time wise.

It is nearly the end of the day for me, which means Parish is getting closer and closer, I honestly can't remember the last time I even went to Parish and had a ton of drinks there. I think the last time I went I had food with Terri because she had never tried it before, and then the time before that I had a gig there, and with me living in Leeds I had to rush off dead early and couldn't enjoy myself after. So tonight we're going to enjoy Parish to the max. Old school Huddersfield student style, cheap beer and I'll probably take my hipflask out to be that extra cheap for a night haha. I'm not sure if we're going to go the whole hog and go to Bedlam after, or we just call it an early one and wait it out for Freshers, we shall see.

I wish I could write more but I've honestly had a very uneventful day, maybe I'll be able to tell you some more stories tomorrow from Parish, but I doubt it very much, because I could be stupidly hungover. We'll see. Weekend time!

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