Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 243 - It happened

Yeah of course it happened. Why did I ever doubt that we might not actually go out?

Ended up having a few to many drinks in Parish. A total stranger is to blame though. We we're sitting outside and a random middle aged guy comes and sits next to us, he explains that he likes to meet random people and buy them drinks because he has nothing else to do with his money. So after a shot with him he explains that he use to be in a band, a band which has played all over the world and still gets royalties today, so after some Google and Wiki evidence it turns out it was him after all. So a few more shots later we ended up getting in at 4, excellent.

Paying for it today, been in my room all day just watching tv. Nothing else for me to do anyway haha. My fire alarm ended up going crazy though, which was the last thing I needed.

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