Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 249 - No going home for me

Well, I was planning on going home this weekend, but I woke up with the worst back pain I have ever had.

Got a great nights sleep, but as soon as my alarm went off it took me almost 5 minutes to get out of bed. Getting ready was a task, I couldn't bend over or move fast, so I was late for work. Normally I can do the walk down in about 20 minutes, but today it took me a lot longer, I've been left to a slow shuffle, and I have to go food shopping later, so that'll be fun...

Looks like it'll be a weekend with me, food and my painful back. I think I'll buy some nice food in to treat myself for the weekend, if Terri is free as well I might cook me and her something up. I know she'll be busy this weekend what with her moving out and everything. Totally just remembered I'll be able to have a cuppa tea when I get in, woo woo!

Today it hit me that I probably wouldn't be able to live on my own, I'm not finding it hard or anything, it is just nice to have people there when you get in and to have a laugh with. We're already trying to arrange a day that we can all be at the house, along with a few friends. No doubt they'll be some crazy antics going on as always.

I want to try and practice as much guitar as possible this weekend, but I can imagine sitting down with it will kill my back so much. Hopefully with a few painkillers it'll sort it out so I can play. I really enjoyed learning some new stuff last night, it really gave me the much need boost in guitar which I've been waiting for. The first few years of playing everyone just wants to rock out and play super fast solos, but after a while you begin to appreciate other styles. Reminds me of when I first started playing, and had a few friends as well that started to play. A lot of people I know judge someones playing by what songs they know, which is the worst way to think with an instrument. You might be able to play some really tough songs but can you write a song like that? Can you jam in the same key to a song like that? Probably not. Theory is boring but it is what makes you an actual guitar player rather than someone who can follow a tab or sheet music someone else has written. In my opinion anyway, I know too many tab warriors that think they're awesome.

Well I call that weekend o clock, bring on the food, tv, films, music, games, sleep and laziness. Woo.

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