Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 255 - That was a quick day

Had plenty of work in today, which means the day has flown by and I soon look forward to going home, and cooking loads of foooooood.

Got Terri coming round tonight and I'm cooking her something up, can't remember if I mentioned it or not...I'm making smoked bacon and tomato spaghetti. I've never made anything like it before, so it could go either way.

Johnny couldn't make it over to the house last night so I had my final night on my own, I honestly thought I'd be able to deal with being on my own in the house fine, but last night it hit me pretty hard. No idea why, just found myself a little down about the fact I was on my own in the house. But tonight is different because I have both Terri and Johnny round.

Got talking to some of my old housemates I lived with in 2nd year, we're planning a little drink together over the weekend which I'm really happy about. Pretty much not seen them for a year because we've all been on placement in different areas so it has been tough to stay in contact and see each other, but I have a feeling this final year is going to be different. We're all back in Huddersfield and freshers is only a few weeks away and I think we'll all be back together again going crazy like we use to in final year. Really looking forward to it, like I said before it was perfect having that year away from Huddersfield, it is almost as if I've moved back again starting a new.

Had my meeting today and it went totally fine, must of lasted about 20 minutes tops and they loved what I've done with everything. I have like one or two tweaks left and then it'll be fully signed off. Then I pretty much have one final task last to finish in three weeks then I'm all finished. Hoping to get it finished next week, then I can have an easy 2 weeks on my final days of my placement. I scared myself earlier because I thought I wouldn't get paid for August, turns out I am though. So I will be able to pay my rent, then the loan will be coming in haha. Although I'm planning on saving most of it for when I actually finish uni.

It's Friday tomorrow, and I have no work for the weekend. I think we're planning on having a chill one rather than partying too much like we normally do. Plus side is no hangovers, hooray.

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