Tuesday, 22 July 2014

253 - Everything hurts

I still have a total surplus (I think I'm using this word right?) of injuries right now, everything from a bad back to gammy fingers...all my own fault of course

It's happening again, I'm finding it harder to get up, even though I practically live 20 minutes away from where I work I just can't fathom the reason why I get so lazy on a morning. I always find as well that my bed is just so much more comfy when I know I have to get up, but on a weekend if I wake up at 7 I can do it easily. All will be well in three and a half weeks when this placement is all over. I honestly don't know how people can have the same job for years and years.

The one thing that is getting me through today is that I know I have cheese at home, and a selection of films I need to watch. So it'll be a grilled cheese sandwich or two with a new film. And then of course I have my book to finish, I really need to finish it soon so I can start on my books for my final year project, I just want to be picking bits from them, I want to know them inside out before I start writing this final year report down. I think I've made the right chose in doing a reason based project, because I know what my final product is, I don't have to further research into that, I can just crack on with my essay when I need to...which will be all the time.

The worst thing about working in a office is when it's sunny. It gets far to warm, and I have my computer next to a window, so I can see everyone outside enjoying the nice weather, but I'm inside, coding HTML. Not long now, which I keep telling myself over and over.

Johnny is back round tomorrow, which is great news. Slowly been going insane with the notice that nobody is at home when I get there, it shouldn't be for much longer though, but I've always found myself missing human interaction a little bit, well maybe not human interaction just interaction with friends. I got so use to having someone at home when I was in Leeds, and then we could just chill, talk about the day. Was usually just us moaning about how much we hate work/trains/rude people/how experience everything is and so on. The list would never end, but we always had some great laughs, and it is strange to now have that. But like I've been saying, it won't be for much longer. Johnny is back for the weekend, I have Terri over on Thursday and before I know it we'll all be in the house full time with a shed load of uni work.

We're thinking of coming up with a checklist of goals we need to achieve this year so we don't miss out on the full uni experience, I mean don't get me wrong we have some stories already, but I think we have more than enough room for a few more for our uni days. Then it'll be the European tour stories!

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