Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 244/245 - Forgot plus I was having a major lazy day

Since last weekend, I didn't do much other than get my shit together and finish off work. I felt I'd take full advantage of the weekend, meaning I forgot to blog. Oops.

Going to try and do a longer post for the day that I missed yesterday, not that I did much to blog about anyway. I had a shit ton of work to do last weekend, plus I was moving into the house so I couldn't really enjoy my weekend fully, and be the lazy son of a bitch I normally am. I actually had to do things when I had the option to do nothing, God dammit. But like I said, I didn't miss much yesterday. Terri surprised me and came round, she ordered a pizza, which I ate most of haha, and we watched Step Brothers.

Ended up falling asleep pretty late last night, no idea why but I just couldn't sleep that well. It was pretty muggy out and everyone seems to find it hard to sleep when it's a little too warm. It's been pretty cool today so it shouldn't be so bad tonight I guess. Plus I still somehow managed to get up earlier than normal and get into work with no problems. Also managed to get a lot of work out the way what with my time nearly being up here, means I have a smooth final few weeks really, which will be nice.

So it has been another pretty uneventful day, but no doubt from out of nowhere a shit ton of work will come from somewhere, someone always manages to find me a load of work which pushes back work I'm currently doing. Anyway, I won't go into that anymore haha. It is so for me to become a student for one more time very soon. Four weeks left.

I think when I get home I need do a little clean up, it's not normally like me to do something like that, but I feel the more we all keep on top of the cleaning the less likely we are to screw the place up. Been through two houses and watched it become a state and then we spend days and days cleaning non stop to get a tiny piece of our deposit back. But this time it'll be different, hopefully anyway haha. After some cleaning, it'll be food and film time. Hoping to get an early one tonight. Boring, I know but four weeks!

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