Sunday, 20 July 2014

Day 250/251 - Bumper weekend post

Going to do a bumper wekesn blog tonight for the whole weekend, I have been pretty much bed bound for the last few days so don't expect major stories haha

Not sure if I mentioned in Fridays post but I got sent home from work because I just couldn't work, or sit down. My backs been playing up so much, I've never had a pain like it really, I've been really ill in the past but it normally only lasts for a few hours a day and I zone out but this is different. When I stand I feel like I have a weight on the top of my back pulling me backwards, and when I lay down or sit down it's just too uncomfortable. On top of that, I have a ripping pain in my shoulder and my knee has totally given up. Again, no idea why this is happening. Doing a massive food shop on Friday and helping Terri move some things probably didn't help, but she has done a lot for me these past few days so it's the least I can do really!

So I've been stuck in my room for most of the time watching films and reading.
I finally watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and it was frigging awesome. The ending have me goosebumps which doesn't normally happen to me and it have me serious metallica feels, because they play a part of the ending before they come on stage. I also watched Taxi Driver which again is another awesome movie, I recommended them both, but if you actually enjoy good cinema then you've probably already seen them, I'm just behind haha.

Also started reading a book which I've been wanting to read for a long time. On The Road by Jack Kerouac. A friend of mine swears by it and has told me a few stories from it, and it sounds like my perfect book. I've finished the first chapter and I seriously think it's going to inspire me when it comes to finishing uni and I get to travel a bit. It's about a young normal guy who meets a guy who wants to do the same, and they get up to some crazy things. Everything from going to bars filled with LSD fuelled hippies to discovering new music.

Well it's late and I need to get to work early in the morning because I can't walk fast anymore, which is probably the thing that is annoying me the most haha.

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