Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Day 233 - Seriously busy until tomorrow!

I moved most of my shit over to the new place this afternoon. I have to say the new house is totally perfect, everything is fine give or take a few issues but I have a great room. It's in the top floor and has a great view of Huddersfield and the entire street. Looking forward to the next time it rains so I can look out the window and be a proper emo hahaha, nah but seriously I'm sure it'll sound sick when it rains.

Decided I'm going to start again with my music and properly own some albums. I'm making a list of the albums I want to own and put on my iPod. None of this streaming or downloading. I want physical copies of all the albums I need to have.

Well I have to get to bed so I can WALK to work, I get to walk to work, how amazing is that. No more trains, so happy about that.

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