Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 230 - Armed Forces Day

In Scarborough today it was their annual Armed Forces Day which is a day full of events to commemorate and celebrate the work of th British Armed Forces. It's a day on which Scarborough is packed to the rafters with families and everyone comes out to enjoy the events.

There were things such as flyovers from the likes of Spitfires, Lancaster bombers and even the famous Vulcan Bomber which is the biggest and noisiest plane I've ever seen/heard but it was pretty cool.

Everyone was out in force for the numerous parades and performances and the sun even made a welcome appearance. The day was rather tiring so we chilled a little, playing on the 2p slot machines before a knackering walk up the spa and back to the car.

A well needed nap happened when we got back before we had an epic barbeque and I'm now chilling watching Glasto highlights trying to spot Jud in the crowd (not gunna happen).

As for Jud, he text me a bit this morning telling ne who he'd seen yesterday. Apparently Kaiser Chiefs weren't as good this time round but I watched it on TV and could tell that Ricky seemed to be playing up to the cameras rather than the crowd, which is a little annoying. As I'm writing this he's just text saying he can't wait for Metallica so I'd better reply quickly.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Eden Camp, a war museum that I used to visit regularly as a child with school and my family, so I'm super excited and will do my best to get plenty of photos!

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