Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 227 - Glasto arrival/Terri got drunk

So as outlined in the last post, yesterday was my final year university results day, which inevitably meant, a raging night out, concluding with an even more raging hangover for the duration of today. Therefore please forgive me if this is a shabby post or completely indecipherable.

I will do my best to come up with a decent feature where I can, but until then I think I'll just give a brief outline of my antics and where possible, a bit about what George has been up to at Glasto, if of course, he has chance to tell me, as I'm sure he will be more focused on having an awesome time than being glued to his phone.

Anyway, lets commence.

So, yesterday I had an alright shift at work and luckily wasn't too tired, meaning I could rush home, have a quick bite to eat and get my glad-rags on for a celebratory night of drinks with my friends.

To begin with, we headed to Revs (or Revolution for the normal folk) for some of their awesome cocktails, which actually, while they were nice, proved to be far too sweet for me and caused me to almost hurl on the heated patio - oops. After a few drinks, we went to our favourite place in the whole world, (and George's worst place in the whole world) Camel Club, where we necked placenta shots (not actual placenta, just Archers, Jager and cranberry juice), supped classy Tuborgs and danced the heck out of Doc Brown (a lovely old geezer who is always in Camel, challenging revellers to some weird kind of dance off). It was a top night, I cried lots at the thought of leaving Hudds, danced on the platforms and subsequently got so drunk, that I had to ask my friends to put me in a taxi home, while they continued to party. Great night, all in all!

However I have been feeling the effects today. I woke up at 9:15 feeling like the human embodiment of death itself and spent a good half an hour laid on the floor in the corridor with two of my flatmates, trying to piece together what actually happened. I then proceeded to hop in and out of bed between 10 and 12 trying to sleep the sickness out of myself. After a much needed nap and a shower, we decided we needed food and so headed to Rhubarb (a bar in Huddersfield) for a spot of lunch. And boy oh boy was it good! It sorted me right out and enabled me to feel human again.

The rest of my day was spent napping and watching my friend pack up her stuff to move out of our flat, which was a little bit emotional, after living together for three years but luckily, I'm visiting her at home this weekend so I'm not alone for long.

So that was my Wednesday.

As for Jud, he arrived safely at Glastonbury and has apparently secured a top camping spot for him and his buddies to have their wild shenanigans in. The last I heard, he was meeting up with an old uni friend for belated birthday drinks in their Glasto camp, so I would imagine that by now, he is probably rather inebriated and giddy. He's trying not to use up his phone battery too much, so that's about all I've heard from him today, but I did get this snapchat from him of Glasto itself:

I'm all out of antics, so that's all for today folks!

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