Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 123 - An actual really good day | Day 43 - Beard test

Blogger is having some issues so I can't upload a picture today.

Yup, you read the title right, I actually had a really good day at work today. It doesn't happen often but it happened today. So the good news I got, I've actually been given some responsibilities which feels really good after a whole six months of being micro-managed. I am not a fan of being micro-managed at all, I'd much rather be given a chunk of work to work on for the next few weeks rather than lots of little tasks now and then. Of course to make things much better it is Friday tomorrow, what more could I ask for? I know, food! Well I got that last night in the form of a pizza, yeah I know I said I was going to watch money yesterday but I thought I need to end of a high rather than just go for it. So Me and Jonny got a massive pizza each and stacked whatever we could find on it and cooked it. We both ended up finishing it but I think we're both paying for it now haha. So today is the start of the sensible eating, its pasta night tonight.

 We caught up on The Walking Dead last night in the house, it got me thinking about season one, and how beautifully made it was, not too much gore just the right amount for a show like that, but now the story lines are getting dragged out so much and it's just packed full of blood and guts. It is still a great show I just think the writers need to try and work from season one rather than just packing more and more into a season. It did start to pick up very slowly last night towards the end of the episode but I have a feeling it'll be the same again in the next season. I guess it's just the first half of season two all over again except everyone is actually moving. I guess if all these episodes are just character development and we have a massive ending to this season it won't be so bad after all, I'm hoping for big things though.

Started watching The Sopranos last night. I've heard nothing but good things about it and I have no idea why I never started watching it later on. I'm only a few episodes in but it seems to be my sort of show, lot of intresting charactors and some good stories. Got 5 seasons to get through over summer haha.

After this good news the sun was out again today which is a good sign. I think it's time for me to take that long journey home. Wonder what sights I'll see today, both Huddersfield and Leeds have some pretty strange people living in them for sure haha.

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