Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 116 - Early planning | Day 36 - Beard test

Really starting to struggle for names now for posts, which I guess isn't bad for my 116th day, I thought I'd get to day 2 and totally blank. It is pretty difficult to come up with a title for a post when I've really done nothing at all during the day but work.

Last night it was back to three people in the house so we really spent half the night just chatting and catching up, and because of the Glastonbury rumors flying around you can probably guess that the topic of conversation is usually what we're going to do before and during the festival itself. Even though the three of us in the house have all been to a few festivals before hand we still like to plan and get a little nervous about it, anything could go wrong at any time from someone not having money for a ticket or travel falling through at the last minute, so I guess it is good to be the way we are and try and plan everything well in advance. Like we've not even spoke about travel yet, but we have a friend from Bristol who is coming up in a few days who I'm sure can whip us into shape and we can set a nice plan for the weekend coming up. Well, I hope so anyway. I think we're going to go down with nothing but our tents and a few clothes and stay with him for a few days and then all go into town there and pick up food and drink, which saves us carrying loads all the way down there. Because it is pretty far away from where we live, but it will be totally worth it. There is only the four of us going down but our friend takes a big group with him so I'm sure we will make lots of new friends on the way which is always nice at a festival. I think I'm going to change it up this year drinks wise, usually I take a few crates with me and never end up finishing them before the weekend is over but this year I'm thinking less crates and more sprites, but then that brings up the problem of drinking in the morning, nobody wants to start the day with a vodka and coke haha, so maybe I'll take a couple of crates with me to start the days off. With the first two days having nothing to do but drinking I'm sure that should plan out nicely. Also because Glastonbury allows drink everywhere I think I'll actually be drinking a lot more than I do at any other festival. Pretty much at very other festival I don't drink during the day but I think at Glastonbury things will be very different, God help us all haha. Then also comes the tent situation, do we go for a tent each and have a little community going in the camp site or we do brave it and not have to carry as much and just have two tents? I do like the two tent option to be fair, I think it will be a lot easier for us all, and we also will have a little space we can share if it rains, but hopefully they'll be no rain.

Now after all the festival talk, it's back to reality. Sat at work I think it could be a late one tonight, because I'm waiting on other people, which is the last thing I want to be doing right now. I don't like waiting on people and I don't like pressuring people into work, so I'm stuck with nothing to do but blog. Hopefully I'll get a call soon.

I had a thought last night of having rice and lentils, it's easy to make and cheap but it their is no taste whatsoever, so tonight I'm going round Terri's are "we" are going to make some bacon and chicken burgers which I'm very much looking forward to after a day of work, as I'm sure she will be after an evening of work as well. 


Yeah I think it is definitely starting to thicken up very slightly, but only a little. Guess it isn't a bad result for saying I'm only on day 6 of tablet taking 

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