Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day 111 - Time for the tablets | Day 31 - Beard test

It was nice yesterday being able to it back and have a guest blog. Big thanks to Terri for doing that for me, she did a very good job!

She actually came and visited me today at home and we've ordered some food with the family and we're going to have a nice chill out night. Think we're going to crack a film on for later, not sure what though just yet. Man I'm a hungry, I need this food haha.

You should see the size of the hair tablets I'm taking, they're massive. Actually here's a picture haha

I know this give it no justice because it's not next to anything, but trust be they're big haha.

So after picking up Terri from the train station we had a weird experience in the car. A guy infront of us dropped his iPad out of the window and my mum ran over it. Why would someone have their iPad next to a car window?! This world is weird haha.

Well, it's time for me to have some more family time and have some badass food! Have a nice weekend.


Day one of the hair tablets, no change just yet haha

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