Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 122 - New music! | Day 42 - Beard test

I'm all alone today in the office, that means one thing music can be played out loud haha. Glad I did stick some music on today because I got into a new band which I'm pretty happy about. I remember days of watching Scuzz and Kerrang to get into a band but now with Spotify Radio you can find new bands all the time. So I'm listening to The Black Keys on Spotify and in the similar artists section I see a band I've heard the name of, know they're rumored to be playing Glastonbury but don't know the music. I go ahead and click on the band name and listen to their newest single. WOW. The band is Royal Blood, with their latest single "Little Monster". Post a link tot the video below. I started checking out the rest of their music and it is really good. It is like a mix, in my opinion anyway, of The Black Keys and Band of Skulls.


Now that Glastonbury and a new house is on the way I need to start seriously saving. Hoping to be able to budget my next few wages so I can pay rent but still pay off my Glastonbury ticket and have enough to put down a deposit on a house for July. Just to make matter worse a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to Amsterdam in June, for a holiday it is really cheap but with all this going on I really don't think I can afford it. But I've made a deal with Jonny my housemate that we will go next year in our final year of uni, or we might never go. So I can either do all three and not eat or pick two and eat very little. The house has to be done, and I'd rather go to Glastonbury than Amsterdam right about now, especially with the sun out the majority of my friends going. So a new house and Glastonbury it is!

Fresh out of content for this blog so it looks like I'm going to have to end it here and get back to work. It's not all bad though, because I get a leave a little earlier and I have a friend on the train rather than having to awkward stand next to some other dude really close for 20 minutes.


Again, the light makes my beard look feeble haha

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