Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 118 - Much better | Day 38 - Beard test

Feeling much better today, no aches or pains. When I got in I just wanted to sleep but soon as everyone got home and perked up a little, we actually found half a bottle of whiskey in the cupboard and we finished that off last night haha, we managed to stay in as well which is pretty good for us, I thought we'd be straight out soon as we got some drink in is but we stayed in and played some Xbox. A lot like today to be honest, we went to Asda made. A stir fry and now we're just chilling, pretty productive weekend of you asked me haha. Same again tomorrow no doubt before going back to work.


In low light so it's going to look a little different haha. Can't really see much change to be honest

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