Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 81 - EP Release day! | Day 1 - Beard test

Today is the day my band release our debut EP, really excited about it and really happy we finally finished it. Had a little listen through last night and I'm really proud of us all. Hopefully should be on iTunes and Spotify in a few days as well.
However, our guitars closed a door on his hand this morning, which is typical when we have 1 final outro track left to finish off. If it is broken then it could be a long wait for it to get better, but hopefully he can battle on with the one remaining hand and get it sorted. If not then I'm going to have to assign myself as chief clicker of Pro Tools! But last night our drummer knocked up some great artwork for the EP.

So the idea was a light bulb being filled up with whiskey. I'll go into detail about the name and "why this image" soon. But we obviously couldn't use an actual working bulb and pour whiskey into, in fact we couldn't even use whiskey because it's too damn expensive and the light brown of whiskey is very hard to get the full colour in a photograph. So we took 2 pictures of a bulb, both on and off. For the on effect and off for the outline of the bulb, and then we flipped the image on Photoshop. The liquid going into the bulb is actually watered down blue dye, blue is a good colour to capture and we did the rest with some Photoshop magic. I have to admit it is a really nice photo and I think it sits really well with the meaning being the name of the EP.

So, the name. "It's Not The Law, It's Just A Good Idea". It has a few different meanings being it. The first that came to mind was that a lot of bands now a days are put together purely for money reasons, I won't name any names but I'm sure you can think of a few in that One Direction...Most bands on reality shows get put together for another person to make money, and in my opinion you're not an artist if you're in it for the money, but don't get me wrong the money is a nice bonus. But we saw that as "the law", these bands HAVE to go on stage and record songs somebody else has wrote. We're doing the opposite to that, we're not doing it for the money and we write our own material because it's just a "good idea". Nobody told us to do it, we just did it because we enjoy doing what we do. This is why we picked the light bulb, its a really good idea, and "the law" of physics is keeping that light bulb lite up. The whiskey...when is whiskey ever a bad idea?!

It's day 1 of the beard test, I really need to wait for all the vitamins to arrive before I start it really, but I guess this week can be the control week to see if it actually grows on its on, I wouldn't expect much though. So here a picture for today.

Still looking pretty crappy but hopefully it will start to fill out

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