Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 79 - I don't like being ill

I've not had a day like this for a long time. Actually got told I should leave work but I battled on and it was probably the worst idea ever. I feel drained completely, I really think last weekend took it out of me. I normally spend weekends sleeping but I've just had none of it.

Bought some nice food on the way home to perk myself up a bit, hopefully that will work nicely. Planning on making food and passing out infront of some crappy tv. Well actually I downloaded the first season of Community and I'm going to start watching that tonight.

For saying I've been ill all day it's actually be an okay day at work, had plenty to take my mind off it, even though secretly I wanted to go home and sleep haha. I think food and sleep will certainly sort me out for tomorrow morning, I really don't like missing days at work. For some reason something always happens and I end up missing something massive. I did get the office to myself for the last hour so I just caught up on the Shaytards.

Well I'm officially calling it food time, here's hoping it sorts me out.

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