Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 64 - The Wolf of Wall Street

Booked tickets today to see The Wolf of Wall Street on Friday. Really excited to see it, I watched the trailer again today and it still looks really good haha. Also remember watching the new Godzilla trailer at the cinema and that looks even more amazing, I will certainly be seeing that! Good to see Bryan Cranston going up and up after his outstanding performance in Breaking Bad.

Horrible day at work, normally one part of the day is bad but all day it has been bad. I understand I'm on a placement, but being tried like a kid on a placement I am not a fan of. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Probably best if I just smile and get on with I'm doing.

Got told today that another track of ours is nearly ready to be released, very exited about that. Been looking forward to getting another track out to everyone, it's been a while since we released one.

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