Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 72 - Nearly at 100 days!

I can't believe I'm actually really close to 100 days of blogging, I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest. I use to be the kind of guy that would start something and never finish it, but it seems like the tables have turned. It was similar when reading a book, but now all of a sudden I can stick to it and really knuckle down, am I actually growing up? Haha.

Cut my festival bands off yesterday night after 4 long years. They held some great memories which I'll never forgot. Seen some amazing bands and had some great times with friends. It won't be stopping there though, with Glastonbury this year I think this will be the festival of festivals. Going with some real close friends and no doubt it will be filled with all sorts of antics haha.

Guess what? I had a boring day at work, but that's just another day, I do have to keep on going till the end. Today I got given admin rates to control the twitter account for the campus which is pretty cool, first thing I did was follow Patrick Stewart.

It's getting stupidly cold outside and getting really hard to get up on a morning. Set 3 alarms last night to get up this morning and that was a real task. Hopefully it'll be easier tomorrow because I get an extra 30 minutes in bed. Really need to get season two of Game of Thrones so I have something to watch on a night. The Office is getting really boring now

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