Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 80 - Another challenge

Okay, so I know my blogs are getting a little dry on the content and anyone who reads it must be getting fed up of the same old "work was boring", "I like food" phrases. However, I'm setting myself another little 30 day challenge within the one year of blogging challenge. So here it is:

I find beards amazing, everything from long ass beards to a bit of stubble, if there is hair on your face you're an amazing human being. But I was given the face that can hardly grow a beard, I can get a bit of coverage but it will take my way to long to grow the full beard I have been willing for, for so many years, so here's the challenge/test. I am going to research into foods/pills/techniques I can take into growing my beard. Once I've found a few I can use I'm going to set myself 30 days and see if the beard actually grows.

So here is my current beard situation. Very poor i know, not the coverage I really want, this is probably about a month or so of growth. So hopefully with a few tips and tricks I find online I can promote some beard growth on my little baby face haha.

The main thing I'm hearing on the internet is to take vitamins, which I very rarely do. Apparently vitamin B is a big one! So firstly I am going to buy some vitamin tablets and take them for the entire course of the challenge along with some different foods and liquids that are available. Also heard that biotin can really help, but must be ingested. I'm going to order the pills online and wait around a week to start them. For this week I'm going to start with foods and other things.

Glad nobody is in the office while I blog with a picture of my crappy beard on the screen. That would certainly take some explaining. I best get on with some work and think some manly thoughts to get some beard growth going on. Wish me luck! 

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