Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 39 - Home for Christmas tomorrow!

Probably had the busiest day ever at work today, literally been non stop since I say at my desk. Not complaining too much though because it did make the day go super quick meaning I'm only 1 sleep away from going home for Christmas! Just hope that tomorrow is busy as well so I can get out of there, or they let me leave early that would be beautiful

Did a bad thing and went the whole day without eating because I was working so much, but I rushed home and made myself a tower of toasties. Might just toast all the food I have left seen as though I only have 1 night left in this house this year, seems weird saying that.

It's really getting cold now, I think we'll be getting some serious snow soon, which means snow days! Woo! Might even buy a sledge this year, shame I'm not in Huddersfield this year with all it's massive hills.

Started watching Chuck the other day for the first time, a friend of mine recommended it, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a strange story about a bloke who accidentally downloads loads of government secrets into his brain. Only watched a few episodes but I'm sure they'll be some crazy stories coming up.

Anyway, time for me to make loads of toasties!

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