Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 26 - It's only bleeding Friday!

Going to make this an early post because I know for a fact I won't have much time later on. Lots of band fun and drinking most likely, that counts as being busy!

I always find on Fridays that I work more productively, which is a bummer because I have very little work to do today really, and all I really want to do is go home and start this weekend.

On my way to work this morning I was thinking it is so cold that it could easily snow, and no joke within the minute of me thinking it some flakes actually started falling, which then turned into rain, boo! I always remember back in my college days that snow days were amazing. Me and my mates would meet up and do some crazy shit in the snow. We have a lake behind my house back home that freezes over and last year it was so frozen we could walk over it, which was pretty cool. Well it was pretty cool until someone found a thin part and fell in haha. We always did the classic making a giant ass snowball as well until it got to big to move and then it would just sit where we left it for like 2 or 3 weeks haha. A thing I never really understood is why people moan that we always stop transport and working when it snows, of course we have to. It's not like we have snow all year round like some countries and have the money to spend on special transport for people that will only get used a few days a year, just be happy that you're getting some days off.

Recently at work we have started sticking the radio on just to help us work, because it is terrible working in silence, so instead of going for the usual Radio 1 "oh let's just play popular auto tuned crap for money with some okay songs in between" (with the exception of Daniel P. Carters rock show on a Tuesday) so we decided to stick on XFM, before work I'd not really listen to it, but it great to hear a radio show through out the day playing alternative songs. Even though the adverts are really annoying, but it is worth it when you get bands like Biffy Clyro and Queens of the Stone Age being played, gives me hope that people/radio shows are supporting actual bands with talent instead of money making bands.

Wow, I ranted rather a lot in the blog post...but I don't care, it's Friday, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. As a bona fide English girl, I too can also accurately predict snow. ;)

    Tea For Two