Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Day 38 - Back to work

Back to work today, and it's another super busy day as always. This is actually the first day I actually have some time to do a good blog, I've noticed I've been slacking with it to be honest, so it's time to get back into properly. I guess I am doing it everyday, and do often have the most boring days known in history. I've been pretty lucky these past few months because of all the gigs I've been to. It was my final one of the year last weekend, and what a way to end it. I promise I'll review them all and post some videos over Christmas when I can sit down with my computer and upload them all.

I am starting to get use to this 9 to 5 lifestyle but the fact I only have 2 days left of work is slowly eating away at me and I can feel myself getting more lazy haha. Really cannot wait for when I finish work and I will actually have NOTHING to do at all. How do people hate Christmas? It is such a great time of year, everyone is in a good mood, you can sleep and eat as much as you want and spend loads of time with your family. I do understand that some people don't get along with their families and maybe don't like all the busy streets, but honestly I love it. Walking through town with its dark with Christmas lights on in the cold with loads of other people panic buying presents. Then getting in and watching a Christmas film. We in and watched Elf the other day, which is a fantastic film might I add. Me and my housemates guilty pleasure is the film Love Actually, and it's being shown on TV on Christmas day this year which has added some extra awesomeness to Christmas day.

Today my girlfriend became a full time Apple user and got herself an iPhone, I said it was only a matter of time before she gets some proper iPhone earphones and is walking about looking like she's talking to herself in the middle of town haha. (Biffy just came on the radio, so I need to take a 5 minute break to listen, brb...okay their we go) I have to say I got an iPhone 3G when they came out and it was a great phone, then I went to Blackberry (worst choice ever) then I went for a HTC (another bad choice) and now I'm back to the iPhone, which is holding up nicely and they've always been reliable and great to work with, I think I'll stick with Apple now. But not for my computer needs, I will always be a Windows fan in that department.

I actually had a little thought last night about doing some vlogs after this year and maybe vlogging an entire year of my life. Such be much easier next year when my placement finishes. If I Started it now it would be a good 6 months of me sitting at a desk haha. So I guess next year it'll be more fun for the 5 people that be interested in a random guys blog.

I've never been a big scarf fan, but what with the weather getting colder I could really do with one, so I might take the plunge after Christmas!

Well, I feel this makes up for all the crappy blogs I did over the weekend now I'm back in working mode.

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