Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 29 - The after work cuppa

I am so chilled out right now for saying its a Monday. I got in from work, made myself a cuppa and just passed out on my bed and I've not moved since, it's truly amazing. Think also my body is realising how close it is to Christmas and it's starting to get ready for the amount of food and sleep I'm going to have.

As if it's going to be day 30 of my blog tomorrow, exciting times, I guess I'll be more exicted when I hit day 100 though. I actually am really starting to get in the swing of it, like it's becoming a part of my life. Guess I can't really start saying that until I start calling it my living like some of he blog and vlog greats. I think eventually I would like to turn to vlogs and I just don't like the idea of all that editing, I mean I don't even have time normally to write this but maybe when I get some spare time I'll start vlogging.

Another fun filled weekend coming up as well, booked some time off work to go see a friend in Manchester on Friday and we're going to see the 2nd Hobbit movie in 3D which is going to be awesome and then the day after I'll be seeing the band that started everything off for me, the mighty Black Sabbath. I stuck on the first album last night and just got lost in that dark world of the self titled album, really cannot wait to see them again!

So yeah, day 30 tomorrow, let's see what that brings, I don't want to start reading these back until I've made a massive dent, probably look back at day 1 and think, what a nob haha

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