Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 28 - Surprise hangover

Well the plan was this weekend to have some friends round for Johnny's birthday, get some food and go out for a "few" drinks. Until we actually got to the pub that was the plan, then we started playing save the queen, ended really badly, one of is got kicked out for throwing up and everyone else was stupidly drunk, so carried on drinking haha. Got back at 5 after an hour wait for a taxi from Leeds. Seriously taxis in Leeds are horrible, that is one thing I really don't like about this city, it is just packed all the time. Anyway, here's the hangover, takeaway is on it's way and I'm so exicted for it haha, bacon burger, yeah!

I always have the same feeling on a Sunday "boo, work tomorrow!" 21 and I still feel like it's the Monday morning at school, maybe one day I'll grow up...

Yeah photoshoot the other day turned out amazing, we got a test shot and it looks really good. So hopefully we'll be in a magazine soon, woo! Haha.

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