Friday, 13 December 2013

Day 33 - The Hobbit!

So I'm on route to Manchester to see The Hobbit, so I'll be making this an early one because I don't want to be blogging in the cinema, because I'll be enjoying beautiful 3D Middle Earth. Also just remembered that we get to sit in the super posh seats as well to watch the film, right in the middle of the cinema, so that's a double win. To make it even better the train ride there is pretty much empty and we got ourselves a lovely table haha. Think I might need to grab a Subway before it all starts, seen as though it is a really long film I'll need the best food to get me through many hours haha. This is probably the longest film I've seen at the cinema.

I'm on the same train that takes me to work, it's going to be so epic not getting off the train and letting Huddersfield just roll on by haha.

I'll actually be going straight to Sheffield tomorrow to see Sabbath, which just makes this weekend a million times better than it already is, so I'm going to have little time for blogging really, so they're all going to be pretty short till I finish off everything for Christmas.

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