Saturday, 8 February 2014

Day 90 - Studio weekend | Day 11 - Beard test

Was up nice and early this morning, actually got up before I normally get up during the week and I was in a good mood, which is very weird for me. Made my way over to Bradford with the band and we're currently laying down the new songs, only managed to sort out drums right now though, but they are sounding big! It's great having a producer, just means the rest of us have nothing to do during the day until it's our turn.

Making this an earlier post because we have the band coming round to our house later and we're going to have a little film night, might even make a den haha.

Yeah studio is going well and it's another early start tomorrow for guitars and vocals so I'll be extra busy tomorrow!

Because I'm taking the photos in different lights it looks like the beard is going up and down. But I think this hat brings it out more, what am I saying? Haha.

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