Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 4 - Going strong

It's Friday tomorrow! Hooray! Really looking forward to the weekend, get to see some close friends I've not seen in a while High State are going to be writing some new songs. Exciting times for the band, we have so much written but so little recorded.

I'm actually a little late writing this post, it has been a busy day with work and to honest I just wanted to get in a chill for a while before I did any blogging, I know, I'm lazy, I told you this on day 1. But I must say I am enjoying his blogging stuff, and to be honest eating healthy is going great for me.

Just about to sit back down and get my weekly dose of Karl pilkington so this post may be a little short. I do love me some Karl, not to sound like a hipster but I did get into Karl when he first started. I use to download The Ricky Gervais show from day 1 and loved it. Still have them all on my iPod still haha.

Anyway, I did say this would be short, so good day and have a nice Friday tomorrow! Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

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