Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 263 - It's been a bad week for blogging

Yup, again. Don't think I've ever forgotten an entire week. Damn.

I'd love to tell you that it's been a crazy week and I've not had time, but honesty, I just keep forgetting. Maybe I'm getting old? Nah I'm just a lazy student who can never find time to do everything in one day. Which mainly is trying to fill my day with, doing nothing but calling it productive, eating, sleeping, playing games, seeing friends an drinking. Trying to fit that around a 9-5 job and a daily blog is difficult, let me tell you that.

Finally for round to watching I Love You Phillip Morris. Great film. It is a little "heavy" in places but I really enjoyed it. It's almost like a gay version of Wolf On Wall Street. With less drugs. I think me and Terri tomorrow are gonna give Total Recall a go, which is a bit of a change from the previous film haha.

Went back to a classic food tonight and went for a waffle pizza, sold a few things on eBay (a few t shirts...) so I thought I'd celebrate hahaha. Not been a big seller in the past but I think I might start selling stuff rather than throwing it. And I had so many clothes I needed to get rid of so I might as well of sold some.

Time for the weekend now, starting it with a bath and then I'm gonna watch some more tv til some stupid time in the morning I think. Yay.

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