Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 266 - I did it!

I've finally remembered to blog at work. That means I can actually do a proper post rather that a crappy mobile one.

I say that, they're not actually that different, but and Johnny tried to plan out the next few days, seen as though he is around for a while. We're thinking of maybe heading to the cinema this Wednesday to see How To Train A Dragon 2, not that I've seen the first one but I'll try check it out before Wednesday. The only thing I've heard from it, is that T.J. Miller is a voice actor in it somewhere, no idea who, but I do like T.J. Miller, so I'll keep my ear out for him.

Wasn't expecting it to be this warm today so I braved it and walked to work in the work clothes and it was the worst idea. Glad I did bring my shorts just in case. Don't know how I use to do it some days. Working up a massive hill in jeans and a shirt. I'm just waiting for the day until shorts become formal wear, that'll be the day.

Got some friends coming over tonight. Harry and Dan. They came over to visit a few times in Leeds and we had a night out together but we've not sat down together in ages and had a catch up. And now we live so close to each other we might as well, no doubt we'll end up on many nights out with them over the next year as well. Me and Johnny met Harry in our first year of uni, and he was good friends with Dan so we instantly all became good friends.

Ebayed some stuff over the weekend, and its finally come to post them. I'm a little nervous it's the first thing I've sold myself on eBay. Well I say that, Terri put it on for me and she packaged everything up for me. She is pretty damn good at it though. Made some money though, depending on how much postage will come to.

Well, I'm leaving a little early to get over to the post office and I want to clean the house up a little seen as though we have company tonight. Hopefully I'll remember again to blog at work, we'll see.

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