Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 273 - Internet-less

Today our internet went down. The landlord said it was going to happen soon because the last tenants didn't pay the bills, which is a shame for me because I'm in the house on my own with no internet. Luckily he said he will sort it out as soon as possible, which is good news.

So it's the first day of the final week in work. Weirdly I have been pretty busy today and expect it'll be be same tomorrow. Starting to come up with some plans for the next person who's taking over. Might write them a coded message explain to them how much of a boring year they're about to have. Maybe someone else will enjoy it more than me?

Seen as though it is my final week I'm planning something pretty special for the Thursday and Friday. Thursday is the last night Jonny is here for a good week or so until he moves in, so we're planning on getting pretty drunk on the Thursday, we may end up out, we might stay in and eat Burger Time. Then on the Friday I'm gonna get Danny round and we're gonna do it all again! Really looking forward to have them days to do nothing but be a student again. Then in no time Johnny will be back and we can go crazy all the time.

Going to start blogging at work for this week until my internet is back up, at least I'm going to try and remember to do it. 4 more days left!

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