Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 274 - Slowly picking up classical guitar

So I didn't blog at work, it has been pretty busy and I did want to run off as soon as I could so I could be at home with a cuppa, that'll all change soon as this week is over. I'll still be drinking tea but I won't have to wait until 5pm to have one, which is an amazing thought right now.

Starting to have a pretty decent plan for the rest of this week as I slowly come back I to student mode. Tomorrow Johnny is back for a few days and we're meeting up with Danny and Dan to go to the cinema and watch Guardians of The Galaxy. I've only heard good things about it, not watched any trailers, don't think I want to be honest. Rather just get the full force of the movie. But straight after seeing that we're going over to Harry and Dans (this is another dan, we know a lot of dans) house, we're gonna have some drinks with them. Then the day after that Johnny will still be around, but it is his last day here before my last day at work, so we're going to celebrate a little and we may end up out, we may not, we shall see. Then on Friday Danny is coming over for the weekend and we're gonna playing some xbox, now I'm a free man! Plannnnnn.

Seen as though I'm a free man next week I'm heading home to see my Mum and my grandparents are coming up for a few days, it'll be nice to see them all again. It's been a while since I've last been home.

I have been picking up my guitar a lot recently and have been just jamming a few riffs I have come up with. Last night I thought I'd give it a go at recording a little solo video, I did and I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with, I don't think I'm going to post it anywhere though. I am slowly picking up these new techniques and I am really enjoying learning all these new shapes and styles.

Tomorrow is the 3 day marker before I finish. My mood is changing now I know that this year is slowly coming to an end. I say slowly, it's felt like 10 minutes since I started.

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