Sunday, 3 August 2014

Day 265 - Another late one

Yeah it's another one. Pretty sure this weeks posts have been super late, well not super late. But you know.

Got up dead late today actually, me and Terri has a massive lie in and it was great, even ended up going back to bed for an hour after we had a giant bacon sandwich. Had to take a picture it was packed that beautifully with meat.

After I got up for the second time Johnny was up and we chilled a little and listened to some music. Ended up getting in touch with some friends that we've not seen in a while and they're coming round tomorrow for a catch up. That'll be a good laugh, not seen them for a while. Glad I randomly text them haha.

Anyway, I've made some late night food and I'm gonna watch some random crap until I fall sleep. 2 more weeks left of work!

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